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The Pros and Cons of Using Distilled Water With CPAP




Have you been using distilled water with your daily CPAP machine? The first thing many patients who use CPAP do not know is that the water they are using is actually tap water. They think they are getting a good clean pure water fit for their health need. But the truth is that the quality of the water can be far better than most tap water. So have you ever thought about using distilled water with your CPAP machine?


Many people have different health needs, and if you are using distilled water with your CPAP you will know exactly what your need is. You may even know which type of CPAP you are using and will have it customized for you. The CPAP is a machine and with any machine you get what you pay for. So naturally the more you pay the better quality of equipment you will get. If you are using distilled water with your machine then it can help to cut down on many problems you could have with your CPAP.


One problem with using distilled water is that it can have some impurities in it. There are often minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium present in tap water, so using distilled water with CPAP can result in a skin rash or other types of irritation. Also there are certain chemicals like benzene and chloroform that can be present and are not good for the respiratory system. These chemicals act as carcinogens and can damage the immune system over a long period of time. So using distilled water with CPAP can be problematic in this respect. Know the Best Water to use in CPAP here!


In addition there is one other major benefit to using distilled water with CPAP, and that is carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide makes the air humid, which has a positive affect on the patient's respiratory system. The higher the humidifier, the better the overall function of the machine. This is very important as a dryer CPAP machine needs a constant moisture to operate properly. Is SoClean worth the money?


However, there is another problem with using distilled water with CPAP. The water is generally distilled using reverse osmosis, and while it does remove all of the impurities from the water, it also removes many beneficial nutrients as well. You will notice that the water tastes flat and doesn't have the fresh taste most people prefer with their CPAP machine. Basically, it lacks flavor. Some doctors may even recommend against using it or using distilled water with CPAP as it lacks the minerals that are important to help the patient's body to get the toxins removed through the CPAP. Read more about cleaning at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pW784HMEHeU.


If you would like to try using distilled water with CPAP to combat dry mouth or other conditions, then the best way to do that is to purchase a softener for your home. You can get a softener at your local drugstore or grocery store. Or, you can try a home distillation system. There are systems that you can install right at your own home. They are inexpensive and very easy to use.